Mock & Grinda

A Love that Defies the Odds

Book 1.5 of The Mother’s Children

Love has prevailed; Mock & Grinda have united in a world full of darkness.

After surviving a lifetime of highs and lows, now is a time for happiness. This is a catalogue of their experiences during their six month journey to the Quarthi (Mock’s people). Expect romance and sex, warmth and tenderness, fun and humour, magic and adventure.


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View as extra chapters upon The Barbarian

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Book 2 of The Mother’s Children: The Slave

Book 3 of The Mother’s Children: The Darkness

8 thoughts on “Mock & Grinda

  1. SORRY if I’m bugging you everywhere , I just commented on inkitt as well .
    Since I have obsessed with your books on inkitt I can’t wait to read next part of mock n grindas journey. Is the book Mock and Grinda 1.5 available only on Amazon. I don’t have an account so is there anyway I can read it for free . I’m hoping ull eventually put it on Inkitt.
    Thank you .You are an amazing writer and your thinking is beyond anybody’s imagination.


    1. My books are regularly put up for free. You’ll eventually get all my books if you keep an eye on my notifications on Inkitt or follow me on my websites. If you don’t have access to Amazon during the free period of a particular book, email me you’re interest and I’ll send you a copy 🙂

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  2. I would love to have copies of books 1.5,2,3 if its possible.its not possible for me to get it on amazon at the moment.your writing style is just amazing(for lack of a better word)and im definitely not flattering u …it truly make me wish for a winternight ,warm fire, coffee and a secluded house to read it all.thank you


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