Love & Sex

Image: From Artist Vicky Hayes, 2018

Fantastic Tales: Love & Sex

Volume 2

A savage barbarian revels in hate and violence. Can a simple peasant girl change his dark heart? Snow has fallen relentlessly for eight long months. Can something warm arise out of the bitter cold? A well-loved lord is severely wounded in battle. Will he be consumed by his injury or will love see him through?

A collection of romantic tales exploring how love can triumph over adversity, how appearances are only skin-deep and why a story without love is a story only partly told. If you enjoy sex, love and adventure, then these little fantasies are sure to make your heart pound.


The Monster of Mount Draken

Love in the Darkness

The Barbarian: Part 1

The Barbarian: Part 2

The Birth of Spring

A Feathered Heart

The Crippled Hawk: Part 1

The Crippled Hawk: Part 2

Black Thunder

The Sinking of the Nightingale


If you like these stories, why not try volume 1:

Dark and Weird

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