The Barbarian

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The Barbarian

Book 1 of the Mother’s Children

It’s a time of war and Mock’s land has been invaded, his people routed, killed or enslaved. Out for revenge, Mock and his band of brothers cut a swathe of destruction across the land.

Grinda is an innocent village girl who’s heard tell of the barbarians’ savagery. When they destroy her village and their monstrous leader kidnaps her, she expects the worst.

How wrong she is.

Two enemies. A land divided. A love that defies the odds.


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Book 1.5 of The Mother’s Children: Mock & Grinda: A Love that Defies the Odds

Book 2 of The Mother’s Children: The Slave

Book 3 of The Mother’s Children: The Darkness

9 thoughts on “The Barbarian

  1. Hi Morgan! Im one of your followers in Inkitt who fell in love with your writings and wanted to have a copy of your stories as there seems to be a problem in amazon. Thank you so much! 🥰❤️


  2. Hi,Morgan! I just wanted to say that I’m a huge fan of your books.However,I seem to have some trouble with getting copies, and there seems to be an issue with Amazon.Can you please send me the copies?


  3. Hiii dear, I’m fell in love with your story ,for your story i download Amazon kindle app ,I’m from India, so i don’t think your link help me 😵I really want to read your books ,help me


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