Book Review: The Rook

Urban Fantasy

3.5 Stars




A pretty good book. My friend loved it and advised that I should read it. I went in warily because though my friend and I are so similar in so many ways, our taste in books couldn’t be more different. Often I don’t finish the books she raves over. This one I did with some reasonable enjoyment.

The plot was okay. Pulled me along. Kept me interested enough to keep reading. That being said, however, overall it just wasn’t to my taste. I like depth in my books. Something that’ll make me angry, devastated, horrified. Something that’ll make me think and feel. This is a plot-driven novel with shallow characters. Nothing wrong with that. Each to their own. But it means that I’m simply not emotionally invested enough to continue onto the next book. I’m also not a fan of the Marvel/Superhero/X-men/Heroes trope that’s on play here (it’s been done to death).

But a matter of taste is not the only issue. There are gaping plot holes I couldn’t ignore, character inconsistencies, enormous info-dumps, some truly cringe-worthy dialogue (between Myfanwy and Shantay—they sounded like teenaged girls), a general lack of believability and the humour began to get annoying, then tedious, then eye-rolling. By the end it became awkward and forced as the story became too dark to make it work. The ending was quite the slog too as the villain explained in eye-glazing detail his nefarious plot.

Nevertheless, a decent enough read if you like something light and fluffy that’s not meant to be taken seriously. For those who like something deeper and darker, however, you will need to read this with a different mindset.

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