Book Review: Pursued (Brides of the Kindred #6)


5 Stars




I really liked this one! After being disappointed with the last book, this one surprised me! I think this one’s my favourite so far. Unlike the rest I’ve read, this book had some serious darkness to it which made it more difficult to put down.

These books are like chocolate cake. No. More like a plate of delicious sausages … hahaha. So bad for you but oh so good. As always, loved the sex scenes. Very detailed and explicit and the way the Kindred talk so openly about it always makes me giggle.

These stories aren’t meant to be perfect. The dialogue can be off. The female characters are far from the best. And the story can be pretty bad at times. But I don’t care! Surprisingly, none of that bothers me. Still, I can’t read all these books at once. I need to read them months apart to really enjoy them. They are, after all, mostly the same story.

2020: Bring on ‘Exiled’.

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