Book Review: Revealed (Brides of the Kindred #5)

3.5 stars




Hmm. This one’s not my favourite. There was a lot of corn. It was so corny it was hard to read. I’m not sure if it’s just this book or my tastes are changing again. The first four books were better. I wish Rast had more personality. I wish he was more of his own man. I wish all the Kindred were, instead of draping themselves over their women like great, big empty-headed teddy bears.

Still, the story wasn’t bad. Better than a lot of erotic fiction. And I will concede that it must be hard for the author to keep coming up with new relationships. And that’s the problem with these kind of books, I think. I would read more erotic fiction if they weren’t so similar and so darn corny. Give me a good story and a good romance along with the sex.

However, the story did pick up by the end—quite a bit. It gives me hope for the next book. I’m still a fan and still keen to read—which is rare for me in this genre. I will give it a little time, though, before I move onto Elise and Merrick.

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